Jul 16, 2010

Out to the movies

I'm off to see Inception. Of course, review to follow, probably at about 1:00AM.

I hope it is better than the movie I tried to watch earlier today, Agora. Who likes these toga epics? Could there be a more boring time in history about which to make a movie. Also, movies about religion walk a fine line between OK and complete rubbish. There are so few I would call good. Let me know if I am forgetting some amazing film about religion. I guess they all fall short of capturing my personal experience, and that makes them almost as exasperating as Christian Rock.

We'll talk later.


  1. I hear The Greatest Story Ever Told and Ben Hur are both good movies about religion. Hey, they are also both toga epics. I've seen then both sometime in my life but I get them mixed up and mostly just remember the chariot race. I also really liked The Prince of Egypt for other reasons than that the first pharroh is voiced by Patrick Stewart.

  2. Good ones. Prince of Egypt was very good. Your comment reminded me that I really like The Ten Commandments, as well. I'll have to look into Greatest Story and Ben Hur. I have never seen them.


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