Jul 9, 2010

Film Quiz: First of many...

Instructions: Email answers to veronicathefilmcritic@gmail.com
Deadline: July 20th
-Eco-friendly shopping bag with The Film Critic logo, containing journal and pen (also bearing logo)
-selection of used books upon which movies have been based
-Crayola crayons and sketch pad (hey, I'm buying this stuff, so when Wal-Mart has Crayons for 25 cents, it's on...)

Rules: You may not use the internet or any other printed material to find any answers; These answers must be inside you already; You may not ask friends to help because you should be sending them here to play too.

We're on the honor system here, so don't be a jerk.

1. Who was Roger Ebert's original counterpart? Gene Siskel
2. Who plays the villain in Roger Rabbit? Christopher Lloyd
3. Who directed The Last Kiss? Tony Goldwyn (you know him as Carl from Ghost)
4. In which feature film did Halle Berry first appear? Jungle Fever she is Samuel L. Jackson's girlfriend and is beside him when he says, "I am a crack head."
5. In the movie Die Hard John McClain is barefoot because...? A fellow airline passenger had told him that making "fists with his toes" in the carpet would relax him after a flight.
6. The movie The Room has gathered something of a cult following on-line (and at Rocky Horror Picture Show-like late-night theater screenings). What is its claim to fame? It is the worst movie of all time.
but I like John Kenny's answer the best: "For being so bad that it surpassed being bad and turned into something historically awful."
For the following 4 questions, each correct answer will receive one point. Name as many movies as you can by the director listed in which the actor listed appears
7. James Cameron/ Bill Paxton  -  1) Aliens 2) Terminator 3) Titanic 4) True Lies
8. Martin Scorsese/ Leonardo DiCaprio - 1) The Departed 2) Aviator 3) Shutter Island 4) Kings of New York
9. Ridley Scott/ Russell Crowe - 1) Gladiator 2) A Good Year 3) Robin Hood 4) American Gangster
10.Judd Apatow/ Paul Rudd and Steve Carell (together) - 1) 40 Year Old Virgin 2) Knocked Up (my sister is a Judd Apatow nut and has informed me that Steve Carrell appears briefly in Knocked Up and was uncredited)

11. 5 bonus points awarded for the shortest "degrees of Kevin Bacon" answer to the following:
Cary Grant and Zach Efron (NO CHEATING! I will know if Oracle of Bacon has been employed; and stay off imdb!!) - Lots of answers
12. In which film does Kevin Bacon play an actor who is researching a role as a cop by tagging along on an actual murder investigation? Novocaine
13. Who directed Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back? Irvin Kershner
14. Name the actress who won "Best Actress in a supporting role" at the 1993 Oscars. Maris Tomei
15. Which classic film do Harry and Sally discuss throughout When Harry Met Sally? Casablanca

The winners are:
1) John Kenny
2) Raquel
3) SallyO


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