Jul 6, 2010


I am reviewing this film on principle. I decided that I would write something about any movie I see for the first time.

Anchorman was somewhat funny. I want to like Will Ferrell, but he so often falls short of comedy. He is too obvious or too over-the-top or something. I was pleasantly surprised by Christina Applegate's comedic performance. She was a good "straight man." I thought she had good timing. The anchorman rumble in the alley was actually one of my favorite parts. Tim Robbins puffing on the pipe (he's from the public broadcasting station) as he's maiming was pretty hilarious. Everything having to do with the dog was lame. Maybe those jokes were geared toward the twelve year old boy portion of the audience; as was the way-too-long (excuse the pun) erection joke.

It was fun enough to watch once, but I don't think I need to go there again.

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