Jul 21, 2010

film quiz 2 - actor's challenge

Same rules as before. No checking on the internet. Tell your friends to play, don't pump them for answers. Honor System. Play Nice.

Each question is worth 1 point, except number 10, which is worth 3 points. Deadline is August 1. One winner will receive a mystery prize...

Email answers to veronicathefilmcritic@gmail.com

1. Who plays Veronica Corningstone in Anchorman?

2. Who plays Shorty in Get Shorty?

3. Which actor sweeps Mrs. Doubtfire's ex off her feet?

4. Who played Alice Ayers in Closer?

5. With which actress did Peter Gallagher have an affair in American Beauty?

6. Who plays opposite Helen Hunt in the 1985 teeny-bopper flop Girls Just Want to Have Fun?

7. Which actor annoys Steve Martin as the wedding coordinator in Father of the Bride?

8. Which actor is lobotomized in the final scene of One Flew Over he Cuckoo's Nest?

9. Which actress nearly destroys The Paper in The Paper?

10. In what way are all the "answers" to the above questions connected to one another?

Have fun!!


  1. I'm so glad you like them. I think that means you like them...

    I'd love to increase readership, so tell your friends to play too!

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