Jul 1, 2010

Crazy Heart, booo

Crazy Heart was boring. That must be the reason it was nominated for an Academy Award. Colin Farrell is insanely gorgeous and can sing... and that is all I can say in favor of this film. The story goes almost nowhere. Maggie Gyllenhaal does a really good job of sitting placidly in the waiting room while cops search for her possibly kidnapped child. During other parts of the movie she cries very convincingly, so that must be the reason for her Oscar Nomination.

I got nothin' else. If I had an established rating system in place, this one would be at the bad end of the spectrum.


  1. I'm a fan of this movie, which I think has two big merits: really good songs and Jeff Bridges's performance (which reminded me a little of Lebowski, in a good way).

    I liked Maggie Gyllenhaal's performance. I believed that her character felt really torn between acting responsibly and having a good time. (Her hairdresser did a great job, I thought, too.)

  2. Colin Ferrel was my least favorite part of the movie. I don't think he's particulary good looking and I did not believe him as a country and western anything.

    I really liked Jeff Bridges and thought Maggie Gyllenhaal was sorta whatever. The little boy getting lost happened very quickly and seemed like it could have as easily happened while Bridges was buying a pack of gum as a drink. So I felt like it lacked some of the power that a climax should have.

    The resolution also happened too quickly and probably too cleanly. But nevertheless, I enjoyed the movie and wasn't bored at all.

  3. Colin Ferrel is hotter than anyone ought to be allowed to be.

  4. My sincerest apologies to Colin Farrell for obliterating the spelling of his name. Thanks to my fact-checker for setting me straight.

  5. I liked this movie. I thought the music was good and Jeff Bridges' acting great (I think he earned his Academy Award). Yes- Colin Farrell was a highlight, but I thought the whole movie was good. Jed & I walked out of our fav local indie theater with smiles on our faces after seeing it.


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