Jan 18, 2013

Facebook post on Happy Feet

I put this on Facebook a few days ago. You have it to thank for reigniting my urge to write about film.

"Happy Feet" equals one if the most bizarre/surreal film experiences I've ever endured. I'm still processing some of the darker elements. The creepiness factor was enhanced by Elijah Wood's voice and the overweight penguin being slowly suffocated by plastic pop can rings. Also, RIP Brittany Murphy. More disturbing is the fact that there is a sequel which I will one day be expected to watch. What new way will I be made to feel terrible that I am an evil fish-stealing environment-raping human? At least I'm not an evil killer whale, evil sea lion or evil mangy seagull (no actual idea what kind of birds those were). Those bad guys actually try to eat the penguins rather than just taking all their food and putting them in soul-sucking zoos.

Overall rating: weird family dynamic with the penguin dad admitting to having dropped the egg Mumbo; creepy themes; the penguins in Madagascar are way funnier; all the emperor penguins except Mumbo (and especially the Irish-accented elderly leader) looked like scary beady eyed hybrids of penguin bodies and hook nose mardi gras masks; still made me cry at the end because of that darn Beatles song over the humans-altering-their-earth-pillaging-ways montage. Unsettling. There are some horror movies that have left me feeling more settled than "Happy Feet."

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